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Brand: ATOS Frame
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* Petals:
White Petals (+£1.00) Red Petals (+£1.00) Pink Petals (+£1.00) Lilac Petals (+£1.00) Ivory Cream Petals (+£1.00) Coral Red Petals (+£1.00) None

* Crystals:
Silver (+£1.00) Voilet (+£1.00) Ruby Red (+£1.00) Royal Blue (+£1.00) Red (+£1.00) Purple (+£1.00) Pink (+£1.00) Light Purple (+£1.00) Light Blue (+£1.00) Hot Pink (+£1.00) Green (+£1.00) Gold (+£1.00) Clear (+£1.00) Black (+£1.00) Baby Pink (+£1.00) Aqua (+£1.00) None

* Feather:
Yellow (+£1.00) White (+£1.00) Orange (+£1.00) Magenta (+£1.00) Deep Blue (+£1.00) Blue (+£1.00) None

* Background:
Majestic Magenta Glitter Lavender Glitter Glitter Girl Glitter Sparkling Water Glitter Glitter Girl Glitter Lilac Glitter Regal Royal Blue Glitter Princess Pink Glitter Opulent Opal Glitter Kings Crown Glitter (dark gold) Silver Mist Glitter Prosperous Purple Glitter Bermuda Blue Glitter

* Frame Colour:


Feathers Appear When Angels Are Near

Lovely sentiment frame available with different backing and with different coloured feathers, petals or crystals.

Frame is available in black or white and can hang or freestand.

Beautiful gift to remember a loved one.

Frame measures 250mmx250mm (10 inches)


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